55 Day Plan???

  1. 55 Day Plan???

    Hi, this is my first post as I just joined. I'm leaving for a Caribbean cruise at the end of September. I'm looking to shed about 25 pounds of unwanted weight. I'm a little over 190lbs now. I gain weight fast. I'll do good for 5 days and then the weekend comes and I seem to gain everything back. Right now I'm taking Lipo-6. I eat 5 meals a day and end up somewhere around 1,500-1,800 calories for the day. I also go to the gym 3 days a week for weight training and am currently in training for the half marathon. Seems to be working good. But I need to get some results fast.

    Any suggestions on how to tweak what I'm doing or do something completely different? I want to add muscle but get cut up at the same time. I've been looking into animal cuts. Any thoughts on that? Anyways, any advice would be great. Thanks.

  2. post up what you specifically eat every day. And how long you have been on that diet plan. I recommend have a cheat MEAL ONCE A WEEK to help out with cravings and keep metabolism stoked. Not all weekend, 1 MEAL. Have whatever you want, besides 1000 cals of pasta, loaf of bread, and ice cream. be sensible, something you want and deprive yourself of during the week. Also post what you do for your marathon training. If you have the drive to do that work, just apply it to your diet as well.

  3. Thanks for getting back to me. My diet consists of 5 meals and sometimes a protein shake (no carbs before bed). Usually my breakfast is a shake and a piece of fruit, morning snack of cottage cheese and yogurt, lunch is usually tuna or chicken breast and some vegetable and a potato or rice or pasta (usually about 30 carbs or so), afternoon snack is another shake and piece of fruit, followed by dinner which is pretty much the same as lunch. It's boring as all get out, but I can usually stick to it during the week. That's why the weekends I tend to enjoy too much. A few drinks, eating out, etc.

    My half marathon training consists of 3-4 miles twice or three times a week, followed by a Saturday run that I bump up one mile every week. Last Saturday was 8 miles, this Saturday will be 9 miles all the way until the race which is 13 miles.

    You think that's eating away too much muscle I've been adding? I haven't noticed any dropoff in the gym. In fact I've been increasing weight in the gym pretty steadily.

    I'd like to get bigger, but cut up at the same time. Seems like they kind of go against each other, no?

    I've been looking into animal cuts and it seems like a good choice. I also was looking at anabolic halo, but I'm afraid of the water weight I may put on from that. The last thing I want is to look all puffy.

  4. if you are eating around 1800 cals a day. i would add 10 fish oil pills throughout the day to get you to 1900 and getting your healthy fat becuz it doesnt seem your getting enough. otherwise you seem to be doing good with cardio. maybe add in empty stomach cardio right when you wake up as well. and drink a gallon of water a day

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