Mid Week Carb Spike

  1. Mid Week Carb Spike

    I just wanted to know of those of you who follow a Keto or AD diet how many of you utilize the mid week spike and how do you do it efficiently, and do you feel that it helps with cravings?

  2. I only do it if I go low carb for two weeks before a carb up. I do it like a carb up, I do a small depletion exercise then carb up anywhere from 100-300 carbohydrates within 1-2 hours after I workout

    It keeps the energy up, doesn't necessarily help with cravings for me, but i'm at the point where I don't get many cravings at all.

  3. how do you like doing the 2 week low carb before another speak? I' m assuming that means no carb load at all?

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