mega dosing green tea powder

  1. mega dosing green tea powder

    i was wondering if there would be any added benefit of say taking 2g of green tea POWDER ( 50% EGCG), vs say 1g/day for fat loss

    or does the benefit cap out?
    For me, the action IS the juice.


  2. I don't know if there are any extra benefits however I'm sure the more your body absorbs the better anti-ox you're getting. no real idea tho.

    Also there has been talk about how taking tooo much gte every day can actually decrease test levels. I has a thread in the supplement area about gte.... if you can find it. It was very interesting.

  3. "In a study performed at Birmingham (UK) University, it was shown that average fat oxidation rates were 17% higher after ingestion of green tea Extract than after ingestion of a placebo.[8] Similarly the contribution of fat oxidation to total energy expenditure was also significantly higher by a similar percentage following ingestion of green tea extract. This implies that ingestion of green tea extract can not only increase fat oxidation during moderately intensive exercise but also improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in healthy young men."

    from wikipedia

    Doesn't directly say it, but if you're already taking in a decent amount I'm doubting it will change much...

  4. I am currently hooked on XtraGreenTea by TeaTech. It tastes amazing, and its great for you. I am drinking it throughout the day to help out my cut phase.

    Each to go packet contains:

    300mg of Antioxidants per serving
    100mg EGCG
    Zero sugars and zero calories
    30-40mg of Caffeine

  5. Green Tea has been show to increase sex hormone binding globulin, which would decrease test. I would only worry about it if you try it first, and actually notice your test go down. Who knows what dosages they use in these studies, what the delivery method is, or if they are even accurate.

  6. I have never had a problem with low test while taking green tea, and I have been taking it for sometime now. I have used both extracts, and actual tea.


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