Fat grams in red meat

  1. Question Fat grams in red meat

    So I got these 93% RAW fat free burgers from the deli.

    The label says 11 grams of fat per burger (1/4 pound) +31 grams protein

    Well, if I grill it, won't some of the fat be burned off?

    HOW do I estimate/calulate the calories and fat in the GRILLED version


  2. im thinking in the neighborhood of 8g of fat will remain.

    with 96% lean, there is 4g of fat.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. Those 92% lean burgers are about 45% fat. Cattle is big business in the US. If you read it carefully and figure out how to decifer the lies you will notice it says % by weight or was that volume. Anyhow the point is the lable is full of manure.

    If you want lean red meat that is low fat, low colesterol and better for you then turkey then get Buffalo. Trader Joes has the burgers with mushrooms and cheese already mixed. They taste better then any fatcowburger i've ever had. Try Elk when you have a steak craving.

  4. what are you talking about? it has the nutrition facts right on there. where are you getting this 45% number from? your ass?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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