Thoughts on these chips...

  1. Thoughts on these chips...

    I was in the store browsing for a snack..Tuna and oats get boring and I needed something to satisfy my taste buds. I ran into a few packages of "WOW" chips.. I checked the back and they have like 1 gram of sugar and 1.5 grams of fat per package.. I understand that they use an ingredient in there that makes people sick but I have yet to experience that..Not much can make my stomach feel sick.. Thoughts on these chips? I know it is not a staple in a diet but an acceptable snack causing minimal damage..I think so?

  2. WOW chips are fine, i mean so long as your not incorporating them into each meal or something...but a small bag with lunch to fool yourself into thinking your eating chips is fine..

    if you are comfortable with eating it then that should answer your question anyway..


  3. Long as your not eating low carbs, an occasional fling with these would probably be ok.
    Not the best choice overall though.

  4. could also try making your own..using sweet potato

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