Good home-made MRPs

  1. Good home-made MRPs

    Here's my recipe for a cheap and highly effective MRP:

    1/2 cup Syntrax Isomatrix Reloaded Protein- I find this to be the cheapest and most effective protein blend for this purpose. It also has a very anabolic additives in it such as glycocyamine.

    1/2 cup raw oats- Finally you can have an MRP with sustained release carbs! No more maltodextrin! You also get the benefit of fiber, which will keep you feeling full. Depending on your needs, you may also wanna up this to 2/3 cup if you'd like more carbs/fiber.

    1 Multi-vit w/o iron- Men DO NOT need extra iron and too much can be detrimental to health. Also, this multi-vit can doesn't need to be too pricey- just something to help supply you a lil extra of the vitamins/minerals bodybuilder needs.

    5 fish oil caps- This is more convenient than pouring in flax oil or some other liquid EFAs. I also find that fish oil is the best fatty acid for overall health

    Oh BTW here's the macronutrient breakdown: 7.5 grams fat, 40 grams protein, 27 grams carbs = ~330 (quality) calories
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  2. I make a smilar concoction, but I use 2 tbsp ground flax seed instead of fish oil. It provides extra fiber & doesnt smell or taste like fish. I also like to grind the oats into powder first. That way they don't all settle at the bottom.

  3. I just throw 1/4-1/2 cup ground flax in w/my powder.

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