Need new diet

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    Need new diet

    I have been trying to gain weight so I had a diet designed for that. Now that i want to drop weight for a CPAT test I am going to take soon I need help coming up with a diet mixed with cardio exercise plan. The foods I will be using are : Eggs, oatmeal, lean turkey/chicken/steak/hamburger/tuna, greenbeans/sweet peas/black eyed pees, and little things to go with it such as: cereal, skim milk, cereal bars, mustard, mrs dash, tons of water, creatine, n.o. explode, whey protein.. If someone can help me come up with something with these guide lines I would be absolutely in debt to them.

  2. you could try a TKD.

    carbs before and after your workouts. the rest of the day do a keto style diet with just fats and protein.

    take CLA,fish oil, ECA, green tea extract.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. Davidlee
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    explain them supps? if they're good
    i'll go get em

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