Is this enough carbs on refeed day???

  1. Question Is this enough carbs on refeed day???

    Calorie intake is 1400 75/20/5. Refeed day 50/50 p/c.

  2. this website has a calculator on it for your keto diet and refeed day.

  3. So idealy on carb up days u in crease u calorie in take?

  4. Also when taking protein does it matter if it's a whey protein shake or actual food. Can you do like 50/50

  5. Honestly, there a ton of principles on refeeds..

    What i did was ignore protein, and just eat lower fat foods, high in carbs. You will still be getting protein.

    The Refeed/carb up MEGA thread..

    How lean are you now?

  6. As of this morning I'm 5'9" 153.5lbs and around 12% Bf. The protein question was more for the no carb days. Thx for the link I'll give it a read through.

  7. i have 600 carbs around 110 protein and try to stay at 50g fat.

    around 3100 cals
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  8. My maintinence cals is 2200. So I'm aiming for 1500-1600 and about 1900 on the refeed day.

  9. He is NOT doing keto so his refeeds are different.

    When i go super low cals like this my refeeds are huge (think 1000 grams)

  10. I'm doing 160g protein. What scares me is that means I shud take in like 70gs off fat. I need to get it out of my head that fat cals turn to fat

  11. Quote Originally Posted by ahsswimmaster View Post
    I'm doing 160g protein. What scares me is that means I shud take in like 70gs off fat. I need to get it out of my head that fat cals turn to fat
    At such low cals and not being on gear you probably aren't even in ketosis so don't worry about it. a little bit of carbs will go a long way in sparing muscle, as little as 50g a day has shown to have great effects on nitrogen retention.

  12. So are u saying that I shud do 160g protein,50g carb and the rest fat consistently everyday? So wudnt I then be taking to much fat since i'm not in keto?

    Holy crap this is all so confusing! No wonder there's so many fat people in the world lol

  13. Do whatever you want to be honest...

    You are at such low cals that anything will work and muscle mass doesn't seem to be your main priority or you would not even eat so low of cals.

    Also fat is NOT the enemy in most cases but for those cal numbers you could do something like 180p, 70c, 30f if you want a low fat diet. Again this is shorter term.

    I am a bit larger and doing 300p, 200c, 50f (max)

  14. My priortity is to lose fat but Im not trying to lose muscle either. I'm going to stick to one of the diets on scivation


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