9 day E/C/Y + Eviscerate

  1. Thumbs up 9 day E/C/Y + Eviscerate

    Alright I'm gonna go for it. Added to using Eviscerate 2x daily Gonna start today with 25/200 twice. Tomorrow I'll add 5mg yohimbine. If everything stays good I'll try 3x per day. I'll eat about 1300 cals 80/10/10 and I'll do a carb refeed after 6 days. Day 1 I'll do fasted am cardio and then weights in the afternone, Day 2 fasted am cardio and the ab and body weight workout. I'll adjust based on how I feel. I will b doing this for 9 days. I'll let u know how it goes.

  2. Good luck, bro!

  3. For a much smoother ride, try EC w/ Alpha-Yohimbine rather than Yohimbine. You will be amazed!

  4. Where can I buy alpha-yohimbine?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ahsswimmaster View Post
    Where can I buy alpha-yohimbine?
    Nutraplanet.... RPN Alpha Burn

    Im two weeks in on the same stack and loving it.

  6. Hopefully I can get it at a MaxMuscle store. I leave for Hawaii in 9 days so I don't have time to weight for it to b shipped

  7. Nutraplanet has superior shipping. Get your order in today for some alphaburn, and itll be ridiculous!

  8. How much body fat have u lost in the 2 weeks?

  9. Im running this stack as well with some other things in it.... i guess i havent measured my bf% and everything else precisely, but i can tell you that I am having a noticeable change, the mirror tels the story much beter than the scale...

    good luck! Look forward to seeing what results you get!

  10. Crap so it turns out i'm broke so won't b able to add the alpha burn till next. Oh well at least I still got E/C

  11. Dude the alpha burn is awesome. It destroys my sweet tooth. Damn near addicting.


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