i have been reading and researching about anything that would help me get the "perfect body". My goal is to be 6% body fat and weigh in the 160 range. i wanted to share my results thus far, which i have to give credit to this site for great info. i started at the begining of last summer weighing 190 pounds. i began to swim and then started in the gym. in the middle of june this summer 2009 i started the LG trifecta stack. Methyl 1-D, Methyl Masterdrol, and Formadrol Extreme as the PCT. My diet wasnt really changed. I just started taking whey protien shakes and tried to junk food less often.

6/23/09. i couldnt really tell to much difference. weight was 160 and i started at 162. bF% was 18% down from 21%. i used body at calipers.
i started getting bad acne on my chest and face. i was also i little grumpy in the morning if i was bugged. I am a very calm person normally.

this is july 7th. im now done with the stack. i felt really bloated so i stopped a little early. the ance on my chest, face, back got worse. i was pretty consistent in working out, however i didnt really start adding intensity and proper technique till the very end. diet was the same but i was pretty good about limiting junk food. weight: 165 bf% 15

when i start getting into things i normally end up going balls to the wall till i get what i want or give up. mid-july is when i finally reached that mind set.
july 16, 2009 i cut down to about 1400 calories per day. all i ate was my protein shakes with water, 120g daily. 1 meal of either a tin of salmon or tuna with spinach tomatos and cellary. i also began drink plenty of water
the sups was taking were:
slim xtreme (3 a day and i love it!) this made the calorie restriction so easy!

i also became much more efficent in the gym and cardio (my motivation was to have a somewhat visable 6 pack buy 8/2/09 im going to maui.)

this is one week later. but man i felt sooo different. i had less energybut i was still able to keep the intensity and weights the same. the bloating vanished and my ance got realy better. i had a euphoric out of body feeling a couple times which was cool. all craving for sugar and carbs was gone. that wud be the SX im sure. weight 157 bf= 13%

the next day i took it even farther. i started the Tuna and Water diet and will finish tomorrow. 800 calories a day about 100gs of canned tuna or salmon. 30gs in divided does of Cod Liver Oil (omega 3 fatty acid are incredible, i wish i had startd taking them sooner.
this morning i felt really weak but also energetic at the same time because of the SX. im still take all of the same sups as before except i add l-glutamin so i would loose too much muscle and i finished using the aqualize. my stomach looks much more defined and almost flat! my biceps are a little smaller. my chest has become more firm. keep in mind these changes have all happened in the past day. on saturday i will start taking 40g of whey protein so i can get some bcaa. sunday i will add a little fiber. monday till i leave for hawaii im gonna keep eating relitively the same. 65/30/5 p/f/c. my calorie intake will be 1500 to have a good deficit. so my only carbs will come from dark green veggies and fiber. i will do a carb-refeed once a week.
my hope for this diet is to keep loosing bodyfat and maintain/build build muscle if it allows me. if it doesnt work out i'll switch to a full keto diet. im pretty confident i'll stick to the new eating because i realize that carbs make me very bloated which makes them very unattractive.
the sups im gonna take be:
whey protein isolate
cycles of slim xtrem
some kind of N.O.
creatine still doing reseach on the N.O. and creatine

ok thank you for reading. let me know what you think. i will add some pics of me at the end of july to see how well a super clean diet works.i feel like i have been going through a detox. i have felt really shaking and then i feel really good. my mood has improved and im very talkative. my parens have said they are sick hearing talk about suplemens nutrtion and exercise so im trying to control myself. its hard because i so happy with my results so far. my acne is gone basicly and my skin is a lot softer and smoth looking which is a first. looking back my diet was pretty bad and mostly compromised of simple carbs and refined sugar so this diet should do wonders. i'll be doing mostly ab workouts and isolation excesrsise for bi,tri,thighs, back. 1 day on, 1 day off. cardio the same thing till i got to hawaii. right now im still figuring out my new workout for when i come back.

im not gonna be anal in hawaii but not slack of too much!
alright im done. hopefully i remembered everything. i'll update ater a month or so!

the pics of me are on my profile and i'll add them when this gets 50 post!!