Am I doing this keto diet corect?

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  1. Am I doing this keto diet corect?

    I'm currently at about 13% bf. I can see some ab definition so I cud possiblely be lower. Last week I began cutting carbs, and slightly increasing my fats, and about 150g of protein. I weigh 157 and I'm 5'9". So basicly for the past week I have been eating about 1200-1400 calories a day consisting of canned tuna/salmon with dark green vegitable and whey protein shakes. I read about keto dieting and as of today started a tuna and water diet. I'm eating about 100gs of tuna/salmon protein and also taking 30gs of fat from Cod Liver Oil so I'm totaling about 34g of healthy fat. I'm taking CLA, a multi-vitamin, RPN eviscerate and l-glutamine for my muscles. Should I take more/less fat to increase the keto process. I plan on doing this for 3 more days and then slowly add in good carbs from fiber and vegies. I believe my daily calorie need are around 2300 so I would plan eat about 1600-1800. Am I doing everything right? Or is there something I could do to maximise the effect?

  2. I had planned on starting circut training and do HIIT for cardio....after reading around I'm not sure what to do. My goal is to get around 6%-7%( I'm not expecting that to happen during this cutting phase). I don't want to get big but some size would be good, so I'll end up probably doing 1-2 bulking cycles. One more question...... Do some people react well to very low carb levels? After being on this for about a week I feel really good, a little weak but I know that is from the big calorie deficit. I have no cravings what so ever for any kind of bread, pasta, junk foods.

  3. that would not be a ketogenic diet, even though it may be an effective diet.

  4. Y isn't this a keto diet. I have 0 carbs and a much higher fat intake

  5. for a keto diet, fats need to be the primary calorie source. if you are eating 1200-1400 calories a day, and 34g are from fats thats around 310 calories, so 900-1100 cals are coming from "other" whether protein or carbs. If you are eating vegetables, you dont have 0 carbs. If you are using 99% of the whey protein drinks out there you aren't having 0 carbs. And that is ok for keto, you can go into keto with anything less than 50g of carbs or so a day. But right now it looks like you are taking in 250-300g of protein dietarily, so your body is seeing a surplus of protein and using gluconeogenesis to create glucose from the amino acids, so you aren't going to reach ketosis. You are closer to a PSMF - protein sparing modified fast

  6. Will I be able to continue what doing, with just a few extra calories, and have pretty effective fat loss? If not, how should I tweak it? So far it feels like it's been great

  7. it will work ok the way it is, just it isn't keto, and I dont think you can get down to that 5-6% range with it. maybe you can though, hard to say

    to go into a full keto state you'd probably need to be at around 120g protein,150g fats.

  8. Where can I get that much heathly fat? More fish oil? I'm going to Hawaii in 10 days, to be in shape and have visable 6 pack for this trip was what motivated me to start working out about year( I was around 30%bf mayb more). Anyway, if I were to start tomorrow and got up to 150g of fat would it work in time for Hawaii, or atleast get me relitively close?

  9. I dunno how much you have to loose, so its hard to say. I'd think i'd just stick with what you are doing for now.

    you can get the healthy fats from olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and any raw nuts. macadamias are a nice choice

  10. I'd say I need to loose 3-4 fat pounds of my stomach, that's the only place I really have a lot left.

  11. Fat doesn't have to be your main calorie source to be a ketogenic diet. I am on a keto diet right now and I average 350-400g protein and 100-150g fat per day. Fat doesn't have to be "HIGH" as it is in the atkins and dan duchaine keto diet. It can be moderate fat and HIGH protein, like the Dave Palumbo keto diet.


  12. You can call it by whatever name you'd like, you aren't getting into a ketogenic state at that much protein with that little fat

  13. I think what is really working for me is the fact that Im eating very little carbs, I feel they made me bloat. Are there certain people that do much better with less carbs?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by ahsswimmaster View Post
    I think what is really working for me is the fact that Im eating very little carbs, I feel they made me bloat. Are there certain people that do much better with less carbs?
    Low carbs always make me feel less bloated - especially less beer carbs. If its working for you then stick with it. I do something of the same thing only, like easy said, i usually do more fat less protein but IDK if I ever get into keto. I mean I don't test for keto with those test sticks or anythinng but i like what i see in the mirror so who cares?

  15. Yea the mirror has been really good for me lately. I guess I'll keep doing what i'm doing until I hit a wall. I think I'll aim for 65/30/5. P/F/c. Do u know where I canter the formula that tells you how much cals you need for daily maintinence?

  16. my peaks during bulking nowadays are still under 250g/day of carbs and a normal non-cheat day is under 100g. its the way I eat now, I dont even think about it.

  17. I'm gonna stick to my carbs coming from fiber and dark green veggies. I deffinately think this is some thing I can do as a life style change rather than just a cut diet. My only challenge will be looking for creative ways to make my meals. I like the foods that don't require preperation to make

  18. Btw thx for all the help! I'm learning so much

  19. that is a good overall lifestyle plan, and getting majority of cals from protein is also good for that as well. keep in mind you need a certain level of saturated fats for normal hormone production, but other than that lowfat is overall easier to control cals on

  20. Ill keep taking Cod Liver Oil and add in a few macadamian nuts. I think my dedication will really start being tested when I'm in Hawaii because I'm not gonna have the same access to the foods. However it is my vacation so I'm not gonna be to anal. When i come i start college and I'm not gonna have as much time. Anyway I have made a ton of progress since the begining and that is the best motivation.

  21. where in hawaii are you going?

  22. Maui. I plan on spending my entire 12 day trip on the beach. I have never been able to take my shirt of without being self-conscious. Now I have finally started to feel confident

  23. yeah, I spent most of my life that way, not anymore though. Never been to maui, but I loved oahu, will probably move there in the next few years. I work from home with good income, so it doesn't matter where I'm physically located. And I really liked the leeward side of oahu.

  24. Last time I went I was 12. I'm 19 now so I'm sure it will b awesome!!!
    Quick question........ Because of the low carbs, should my cardio be HIIT or moderate intensity for longer periods?

  25. really doesn't make a huge difference, whichever you prefer. dont be afraid to have 1 large carb meal a week too.


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