Am I doing this keto diet corect?

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  1. Yea I figured I'd have like some whole wheat pasta or something simialr. Thx again for all of your help. I hope I will be able to pass all of it along to someone else. I have 3 more questions and then I think I will fully prepared for the upcoming months.
    1. Right now I'm taking Slim Xtreme and I really like. Great energy and makes keep a calorie deficit very easy. How long is it safe to cycle it and how long should I keep off of it before I start again?

    2. Dom you have any recomendations for a good bulking sup that will give some size but not too much? My main goal is to stay lean.

    3. Is 4 32oz bottles enough for daily water intake? I feel that when I take more I get to bloated.

    Actaully I have 4 lol but this is for curiosity

    4. Normally my "bowl movments" are irregular and don't come as often as I thought was necessary. As of a couple of days ago that has changed. I'm am have them consitantly at the same time everyday. So i'm wondering is this because my diet has become much healthier and simple even though I'm not take any fiber yet( will start in a few days)?

  2. I'd probably go with a month on a month off on the slim xtreme to be safest.

    for bulking, try without a supp first, just do it slowly. its much easier that way. Sometimes just a change in your workout routine can make it easy

    Thats enough water but more is always better

    Hard to say, sometimes changes to level of fat + vegetable intake will do that

  3. something else to add fats but not carbs or protien............. heavy whipping cream!!!!!!!

    i add 2tbs. to my protien shakes makes them taste great or you could add it to coffee instead of milk.

  4. i have done the keto diet for a long time and have done it both ways. once higher protien and once higher fat. for me the higher fat works better. i am an absolute endomorph body type. if this helps anyone.

  5. About 2 months I started a 6 week cycle of Methyl 1-D, Methyl Masterdrol, and Foramadrol Extreme as the PCT which I'm just finishing up. It worked alright but cost a little more than I would have liked and I also had bad bad acne on my chest and face. It's finaly going away right now. I'll take your advice and try it sup free. I might do some creatine though....
    The one thing I really like about the sups though is the motivation and agressiveness in the gym. I'm normally a very calm person so it was nice to have some competitive agression.

    I will sometimes put milk in my protein shake, which tastes really good. I'll give whip cream a try. Probably less calories. Is it good to have a little sugar in your diet from like juice or a candy bar on the special occasion to keep blood sugar up?

  6. creatine is fine, you get that dietarily too - beef has around 2.5g creatine per pound, so adding more isn't bad. A preworkout product of one sort or another that has caffeine in it is handy for that aggression too

  7. about the sugar absolutely none while on keto but once a week you have a refeed day to load on carbs and sugar but on this day it is very important to have very little fat.

  8. Alright, I'm not sure if I'm gonna do the keto diet. Gonna try the high protien, moderate fats(most from Cod Liver Oil), very low carbs. If this can get me a good cut and also works while bulking it'll make it very easy to stay with. I'll think about while on vacation.


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