cutting - long term plan

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    cutting - long term plan

    I've been doing a ton of research lately regarding nutrient timing and its effects on body composition, so much its making my head spin and I need some help. What I may end up doing is going to a CKD, but right now I would rather follow a plan that can be maintained and still eat relatively 'normal'. I have become extremely interested in nutrient timing and how pre/post workout nutrition has such an huge impact on body composition.

    What I am looking at doing is eating a breakfast with about 30g of oats or some other slow digesting carb and some egg whites or a protein shake in water. Since sleeping for 8 hours my body will be in a fasted state and the carbs will go to replenish those glucose stores first and not stored as fat. I plan on eating basically no carbs until my pre workout shake and then for my post workout shake and thats it.

    My question is regarding the pre/post workout shakes. Carbs are important to have a good workout and prevent catabolism during and after, as well as helping in protein synthesis. I believe that a banana with whey would suffice for a pre w shake about 45 min before I lift(I will probably switch to a better carb alternative when I find one). I am also interested in adding in BCAA's because it would allow me to lower the amount of carbs I take in while still preventing muscle breakdown during my workout, and actual aid in protein synthesis. I will also be taking 3 grams of creatine pre and post workout because it allows muscles to be more efficient at storing glucose. Does that all that sound right? After my workout I was thinking about 30g of a fast digesting carb source with about 50g of whey and some BCAA's. I am thinking the low carb + BCAA's will also spike insulin as much as 60+g of carbs allowing me to still keep carb intake low, while still maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and spiking insulin. I believe its possible with the right timing and dosage to eat like a somewhat normal person and still achieve muscle gain with fat loss.

    Does this seem like a good plan? I am so head****ed right now with everything I've read its insane. Also I'm still sketchy on how much to dose BCAA's and if I should only take creatine pre or post workout...any advice is greatly appreciated my brain is friedddddddddd

  2. sounds pretty solid, let me know hwo it works becuase i was thinking of trying somethign like that in another month or 2

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    Will do. I got my bcaa's and maltodextrin in the mail today. Ill probably take 10 grams pre/during and then another 10 after with about 30g of maltodextrin. Looking at no more than like 100g of carbs on the day 30g pre and 30g post and the other 40g just spread out through the day. I may end up dosing an extra 10-15grams throughout the day to keep a positive nitrogen balance and keep protein synthesis elevated. Im also taking CLA so that should help as well.

    I'll keep you posted.
  4. ato ucf
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    Ended up just starting a CKD with 6grams CLA and 60mg ephedrine hcl daily. Working really well through 5 days, down about 4or 5 lbs and strength is slightly up.

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