Opinions: Global Anabolics "Clen-Tec"

  1. Opinions: Global Anabolics "Clen-Tec"

    Found some of this on clearance today, bought one bottle to try, the store has a ton more in stock. I did a search and could not find any reviews of it. Anyone tried it yet?

  2. Im looking at the same thing. On bodybuilding.com in the steroids section there is an article for clen. (can't post link because I don't have enough posts yet) That article actually has the company's and the drug names for clen. Im not sure about this global anabolics their website looks like it was made by a 2yr old.

  3. Oh don't get me wrong, this isn't real clen, it's an OTC supplement with a bunch of different stims in it.

    Frankly, I love it! I have taken a few 1/2 and full-doses just for energy at work, I have not used it to cut or to try to affect my weight. I can compare the stimulant effect to the original Lipo 6, that's what it reminds me of. Mainly physical energy, a little bit of jitters, and a little mental stimulation as well. Not as physically effective as Redline or Lipo 6 Black, and not as mentally effective as XForce or LG Speed.

    At the moment I am taking a break from stims, perhaps I will play with the dosages a little once I get back to using stims, and see what effects I can get. I've always been a human guinea pig!

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