LOW CARB MRP protein recipies?

  1. LOW CARB MRP protein recipies?

    Alright.. here's the deal.

    I want to order from Powernutrition again.. this time for some Protein power which I am running out of.

    There isn't much int he way of a blended protein that I can see (and that I'd like) so I'd like to attempt to make my own blended/low carb/ MRP type of shake.

    I'll be ordering O.N. 10lbs powder and I'm just wonder what ya'll would suggest to slow down absorbation seeing as how it's 100% whey and make more of a "complete" protein source and meal.

    I could just add a couple TBSP of flax to it but what does everyone else do/suggest?

    Open to new ideas here



  2. Natural peanut butter and chocolate whey. I love that ****.

  3. Also you can check out All the Whey one of our new board sponsors.. website is in my signature

  4. throw in some granola and peanut butter, and if youd like mix it with milk.... soo sooo sooo good

  5. Ground flax seeds.



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