Help with cutting diet

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    Help with cutting diet

    Hey guys, new to the forum and need some help with my diet.

    stats are as follows:
    20yr old
    bodyfat roughly 15%

    Im going away to usa, in 12weeks and want to be tight and pretty ripped,

    Problem is, my diet..
    i just cant seem to "stick properly" to a cutting diet as i sumtimes think im wasteing my time"

    tryed keto for 2weeks and lost weight, but just felt bored and flat on it...

    I was going to try this:
    11am meal 1= 6hole eggs, 50g oats
    2pm meal 2= 2scoops protein and 40g oats
    4pm= 125g tuna/veg
    6pm=150g meat(lean)
    8pm=2scoops protien shake and 30g nuts)
    10pm= 125gtuna/veg
    12am= 125gtuna or 2scoops protein..

    monday train.
    tuesday train.
    wednesday train.
    friday train.

    cardio,,,,,,,any advice??? and advice on diet would be great thanks

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    is your water intake around 1 gallon a day?

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