question about trans fat

  1. question about trans fat

    i am on CKD, and sometimes , like today, when i dont have any meat cooked, i gotta get plain double cheeseburgers from either wendy's or mcdonalds. each burger ( i usually get 1, but occasionally 2 ) has about 1(wendy's) to 1.5(mcDs)g transfat. will this small amount ( at the absolute most, 3-4g/day) transfat '' redistribute fat'' to my abdomen and cause my fatloss to halt/reverse?

    would love some insight on this if anyone has some.

    For me, the action IS the juice.

  2. it will lower your testosterone.

  3. so it will lower my T levels for that day? or will it be fine if i don't do it that often and not let the fatty acids build up? i also take lots of EVOO and fish oil ( 6g a day ) would this reverse the effects?

    also, if i am fine with the temporarily lowered T levels, will it also cause fat gain/halt fat loss?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  4. i'm honestly not positive how long the lower T levels stay low for. i just avoid it like the plague. around 2 people die of the plague every year in california. i avoid them too.

  5. That transfat is a good trans fat. It is not from hydrogentaed oils, it is CLA and VA. Both are good trans fat.

    Natural Trans Fats Have Health Benefits, New Study Shows
    University of Alberta researcher Flora Wang found that a diet with enriched levels of trans vaccenic acid (VA) -- a natural animal fat found in dairy and beef products -- can reduce risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lozgod View Post
    That transfat is a good trans fat. It is not from hydrogentaed oils, it is CLA and VA. Both are good trans fat.
    mcdonalds and wendys have good trans-fat?

  7. sure i thought about it. then i thought about spending 3-5$ for one sandwich instead of 1$ and finally, after a lot of thought, went with the 1$ one.

    ty for proposal though.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    mcdonalds and wendys have good trans-fat?
    Beef if beef, if it is from a grass fed pasture or a fast food restaurant.

  9. avoid trans fats at all costs. its not good for you. people who each chicken wings at the bar on a low carb diet are doing the wrong thing.

    it is not really oil and can add up in your body and cause many health problems.

    im not saying dont eat saturated fat but trans fat is like suicide.
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