First carb up day, 2000 calories worth of oats, bad idea

  1. First carb up day, 2000 calories worth of oats, bad idea

    Okay i've been doing a diet of whey and peanuts (and nothing else) for 2.5 weeks now, and today I did my first carb up. I planned out my carb up around 2900 calories, and my 6 protein shakes and 3 apples only took up around 900 of those. The only other carbs I had lying around was oatmeal. Well after today I don't think i'll eat oatmeal for a long time... when I hit my 3rd bowl (out of 5 today) I choked down (literally) 3/4 of it before I felt like I was going to blast oatmeal all over the table at work. I didn't realize it was going to fill me up so badly, I felt like **** all day.

    I think low carb diets are definitely for me, I felt awesome for the 2.5 weeks on my peanut diet. I'm gonna have to find something else for my next carb up

  2. Apples bad for carb up- They have fruitcose (how ever you spell it). It goes straight to live to refill your sugar lvls in it. You want to refill your muscle sugar with good High GI carbs at first then finish up with low GI carbs. But stay away from fruits.

  3. 2000 calories worth of oats? Damn dude, that had to hurt, lol.

  4. Yeah buddy! I woulda been a **** machine if I'd done that.

  5. I think rice might be a good alternative, personally I just do pasta

  6. all about the SOBA

  7. what is that 150 gms protein for the day?

  8. Yeah, unless you weigh 100 pounds you're not going to get very far like this. Not to mention you need whole foods in there. You need meat and fiber. I don't think you can get away with just whey and peanuts for very long as your only sources of protein and calories.

  9. BingeAndPurge, im 172 around 18% bf trying to cut down to closer to 9-10%. Why would weighing less make a difference if the calories were adjusted proportionally? Also the peanuts give me like 24g fiber a day, thats not enough?

    Right now im taking in around 2600cals 180 protein 150 fat 50 carbs (approximate figures off the top of my head)
    plus 2 multi's, seperate ACDE vit's and calcium, and no other supplements. Lost about 12lbs so far on this diet, which i based on the All Natural Peanut Butter diet from the Elite Fitness boards, just replaced the PB with dry roasted peanuts.

    Yeah i know my calories kinda high for my weight, which i'm gonna adjust pretty soon, but I work in a factory where I probably get AT LEAST 6 hours of low-mid intensity cardio 5 days a week. I weighed about 250 when I got the job a year ago, got down to about 180 in 4 months, started eating really bad (fast food every meal) for 6 months and gained 20lbs, now im back down to where I was and wanna go even further.

  10. you need different types of some eggs, they contain all the different types you need

  11. Sorry, didn't think of the nuts as fiber source for some reason. Anyway, you cannot just eat peanuts and whey. From what I understand nuts are not a complete protein source and the protein you get from them will go towards energy and not synthesis.

  12. Thanks for the advise guys

    I've already changed my diet up quite a bit in the past couple days. I've added cheedar cheese, cream cheese, olives, olive oil, and Isoflax from PF.

    Now my diet looks more like: Cal 2025 Fat 159 carb 39 Pro 133

    Still needs some tweaking im sure, i'd love to add stuff like eggs and chicken but I'm trying my hardest to avoid foods that require any cooking or preparation... I also want to keep the diet CHEAP, very cheap, which is why I started out with the peanut/whey diet since it cost me less than $2.40 a day to eat.

  13. Dude imo your fat's are way to high and protein is very low,carbs is good for weight lost.
    Keep trying and you'll find the right combo.

  14. I'm assuming you're trying to do Keto?


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