Get Cut-I Wanna See My Six Pack!

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  1. Yeah my build is very similiar to yours, I was looking at your 16 week before and after that is freaking awesome! I look right now very similiar to your before except a little more definition in my chest and biceps....I am hoping 185...190 would be awesome!! Time will tell, I think when I get finished with this 8 week UD2 I will know the answer to this questions.

  2. OK...My diet is super dialed in, I am starting the fourth 8 day cycle on UD 2.0 and everyone in my life is commenting on how good I look, it is great, I am really not used to it...I think I got out of a ticket last night because the cop was diggin me =)...or she was at the end of her shift, whatever it's my own ego fuel...

    Anyway, I am starting to really slim down and I am even losing the pouch at my lower stomach, I believe that if I build my ab muscles themselves I will be able to see my six pack sooner, I can see a very faint outline if I pull the fat down...don't laugh I know you have done it before.

    My question is what in your opinions is the best ab workout to start building my actual ab muscles..this is my current routine, keep in mind I am doing the UD2 it is a carb cycle diet, I do this format on both my depletion and power workouts, and my high intensity, sometimes even cardio days....the following is my routine and what I have noticed about doing ab work...

    This is done in a circuit 2 sets--Excercises are varied but work the same muscles
    1.Lower Abs (ex. leg raises)
    2.Upper Abs (ex. Crunch)
    3.Obliques (ex. side Crunch)
    4.Transverse Abdominus (ex.superman)
    5.Lower back (ex. back extensions)

    I have noticed that my abs never feel sore, except after doing back to backs on both depletion workout days, then it hurts for 24 hours max....

    Are abs supposed to get sore like other muscles?
    What is the most effective frequency to work my abs to build the muscles?
    How long should my ab work take?
    Does my setup look good, can I make it more hardcore?

    Keep in mind my diet right now is very dialed in, I do cardio twice a week, 2 hardcore spin classes 30-55minutes or one spin class like that and then running in the park for about 20 minutes interval sprints.

    I feel like everything I am working on is pretty good, I have the right supplementation going on and I am focused on the right things, I just feel like I can do more to get my abs showing than I am doing now....As always input is appreciated!!!

  3. Abs are so core to the body that they evelution causes them to heal fast unless you OBLITERATE them but thats a good thing so, no they don't stay sore.

    Try HEAVY crunches... Work them like a regular body part, 2 or MAX 3 time s a week do 3 heavy sets, you should FAIL at 12-15 reps then 8-10 then on the final set you will die to even get 8 if you can... when you can do this add more weight and always err on the side of adding weight too fast ha.

    Once you build the muscle size they will always remain bigger even when you stop this heavy routine and having bigger muscles will show more at higher bf%, as long as you don't get fat right after doing this routine you won't look like you have a big gut. Just make sure your lower back is getting heavy training from other lifts as well you you don't get imbalanced.



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