One final CKD question.....i hope

  1. One final CKD question.....i hope

    Friday: Full body workout
    Post-workout carb intake: 100g(based on 1.5 x 69Kg(bodyweight))
    Next 24 hours: 660g of carbs, 65g of fat, 140g of protein, approx 3700 cals
    Next 12: 300g of carbs, 35g of fat, 126g of protein, 2000 cals
    Sunday morning: 30 minutes of low intensity cardio.
    Monday workout
    Tuesday workout
    Wed/Thur: cardio optional
    Friday full body workout

    Rinse and repeat.

    Few questions....

    Does all those sound right?
    Can I do some HIIT following my workout on mon/tues?

  2. Sounds good, looks like Lyles version of it which is a good start off point. I don't see why it would hurt as long as its not excessive.

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