CKD refeed

  1. CKD refeed

    so today is day 8 of my ckd. i'm hungry as **** and my workouts definitely suffer to a degree ( dropped 5 or 10lbs on my dumbbell shoulder press), i am thinkin it is time for a refeed for 1 day.

    i am thinkin pancakes in the morning with syrup and hashbrowns.

    tons of fiber throughout the day, i am thinkin 40g cause since i started CKD i havent used the bathroom but a couple times.

    panang curry for lunch, and some more carbs throughout the day quite possibly Qdoba, and maybe a brownie. i know i am supposed to do low fat because of the insulin spike, so i am thinking some low fat higher carb deserts. maybe some reeses puffs not planning on getting too crazy ....maybe 500 carbs....100g protein.....and 60g fat

    questions,critiques, grievances, welcome
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  2. Smarties, airheads, both made with glucose and pretty good for carb loads. The biggest tip I can give you is to not pack in too much sugar since it is half fructose. Pasta works well too. Remember to keep your water intake high enough during your carb load.

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