how to diet down without compromising lean mass after cycle?

  1. how to diet down without compromising lean mass after cycle?

    Just got done with a long cycle of Test-E, and I am currently about 10 days out from starting my pct of clomid and nolva. Nolva only if any signs of gyno start up. otherwise, sticking with clomid only. I am also taking L-Dex right now and will stop that about 3-4 days prior to clomid. Anyway, my question is the age old adage of, "how do you keep what you got after coming off cycle?" I have a diet plan already, but I am wondering if doing a short keto run, 10-14 days if that high fat and high protein, but very little carbs would be detrimental to my gains. I know energy levels will drop and I will feel more tired, but will it be compounded with the lack of gear and the normal energy drop you get when you come off?

    My other question is, how, if keto run is not very smart, would you guys run your diet to cut up and maintain the lean mass. I know I will lose some, but my goal is to drop some body fat and weight is irrelevant when cutting anyway so I am not tied to the scale with my ego luckily. I was doing fine, but I gained a little more fat than intended and just need a little help with post cycle diet to keep lean mass.

    current stats are as follows;
    5'9 @ 210, BF is around 9-10% (goal is eventually 6%)
    Lifting for over 18 years pretty consistent with maybe a month here and there off each year for vacations or my children being born.

    The keto run idea came from the book "better than steroids" by Warren Wiley. Great book, I highly recommend it. It just doesnt address the gear, obviously, hence the title.

    I will also be running clen as well when I start clomid
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    Im not extremely familiar/knowledgeable about how a keto diet works, espeically comming off cycle, but I threw in Anabolic Pump with DTH and Clomid to my pct after Tren Extreme, and am down about half a lb and slightly learner through 6 days. I would suggest eating almost entirely complex carbs with it though to see maximium results, and I personally dont take it with my post workout shake, I save it for breakfast, pre workout meal, and dinner which is usually my first full meal after my workout. Im not able to workout upper body probably for still another couple days here as well, so ive been pretty happy with the results. AP is also supposed to have positive effects on cholesterol as well so thats also a plus.

  3. Cool. What is DTH? There are so many acronyms out there for stuff I cant keep up. When do you take your AP? I've heard right after a workout is awesome since it mimics slin so well and then eat within 30 minutes to maximize results. What do you think?
  4. ato ucf
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    DTH is Diesel Test Hardcore, its just a natural test booster with some solid ingredients in it. Ive liked it so far combined with clomid to get the boys back.

    I generally lift around 530pm, so I'll take it before breakfast, my pre workout meal, and then at dinner which is my first full meal after my workout. As far as taking it with a post workout shake from my own experience eaitng 50-70g of simple carbs wont put much fat on since my muscles are in prime condition to readily absorb those nutrients. This way you can still use those 3 other doses during the day.

    I believe the suggested carb intake per dose is something like 60-80g of complex carbs, for me personally ill eat more on the low end for my pre-workout and dinner on non lifting days which makes me tired as hell but I feel works well for a little increased fat loss without effecting my gains too much (especialy considering I only can lift abs/calves and then legs, so I'm not in the gym that often). If I was looking more for fat loss though I would add it in with your post workout shake and skip one of the two later doses.

    Just pay attention to your overall carb intake, quality of carbs, and timing of them and you should be happy with the results.

  5. Thanks bro. I am currently taking Celltech Harcore after workouts since its main ingredient is dextrose along with all the other stuff. The normal serving is 75g of carbs. Should I still keep this in the regimen, even if I go low carb? I mean since I will only take it after a workout, and want to maintain lean mass, wouldnt it be beneficial and not compromise the weight loss, if anything just speed it up? I also plan on doing my clen and t3 in the am 1/2 hour prior to cardio on an empty stomach and then weights in the afternoon. I am a paramedic and work 24 hour shifts so I may not get the workout in, but I can atleast get the cardio before my shift. what do you think about that as well?

  6. ato ucf
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    Ya I would leave the celltech in there, or at least get some kind of fast digesting carbs for postworkout. Go easy on the cardio, cortisol will begin to build up fast and completely ruin your pct goals for both maintaining muscle and losing fat. Your diet will determine most of your success, Nearly every natural bodybuilder I've talked to has gotten to 5-6% bf with diet alone, adding in cardio only to shed that last percent or two so keep that in mind. It is definitely a good idea in general to keep cardio and lifting as far apart during the day as possible, so for doing that during pct it sounds like a good plan as well. During pct though if you do plan on cardio and lifting in the same day, keep your workouts short and intense. I wouldnt go longer than 45 min maybe an hour MAX.


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