Cutting and PWO Nutrition

  1. Cutting and PWO Nutrition

    Okay I'm going to be cutting soon, at which point I'll be shooting for 185 grams of carbs a day.

    Would it be wiser to eat almost all of my carbs around my workout (pre and the 3 hours post), so that I could still consume the same amount of carbs that I am used to, or should I eat less carbs during this time, allowing myself to still have carbs throughout the rest of the day.

    I'm asking because I don't want my pre/post workout nutrition to suffer because I'm trying to cut. Or is that just something that sucks about cutting?

  2. Yes, localiozing carbs around your workout is fine. I normally eat carbs with protein at breakfast and around my workout. Everything else is protein and 'healthy' fats

  3. Is that while your cutting or always? I thought I heard or read somewhere once that eating protein alone (without carbs) was somehow not as good as eating a combination of the two...though maybe it was in reference to PWO or something. How many grams of healthy fats do you consume with each meal BTW?

  4. Well, combining carbs and proteins is a good thing, just not necessarily for cutting. I'd stick with carbs around the workout w/ protein. and protien and fats everywhere else.

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