Localized Fat - Need Advice...

  1. Localized Fat - Need Advice...

    195 lean
    Harsh, 6 on, 1 off
    Pretty damn clean
    Bench 265
    Military 220
    Squat Never Tried to Max Out
    Need some advice guys...

    I used to be a fat ****, 232lbs...that was about 6 years ago...

    I'm a pretty lean 185, but I'd like to drop that last little tire...I've tried cardio & diet...whats next?

    Liquid Clen?


    Need some help here boys...

  2. I've tried cardio & diet...whats next?
    No matter which ancillaries (1 exception I refuse to discuss) you chose more cardio & diet are in your future. An ECA stack has the potential to raise metabolism an estimated 3% and clen has the potential to raise metabolism an estimated 10%. IMO, neither are worth using without cardio & diet. Trandermal yohimbine products don't work unless your bfp is lower. Avant's Absolved might be an option to compliment your cardio & diet.


  3. I'm willing to bet I've done more ECA than anyone on this board...

    Not to mention the fact that I'm also sure I do more & harder cardio...I'm running atleast 15 miles a week at an 8 minute, or faster, mile pace...

    I've lost over 60lbs of fat, and gained over 15lbs of muscle, all natch, over the past 6 years...

    I'm just trying to help lose a bit more of that last little tire...

  4. why don't you try the opposite....No cardio for 6 weeks, up the Lifting with heavier weights different exercises....then after get back into the cardio

    change dude..thast what stops a plateau whether it be a fat loss one, or muscle gaining one..

    Im assuming you have stuck to a similar routine for the 6 years, and have done lots of cardio.....time for a change..

    thats the best we can do without more detailed info....like for diet "pretty damn clean" doesn't give us much to work with...or training "harsh 6 days on 1 off" doesnt either

    maybe if you break it down how you have worked out for the past 6 years, with just a general summary, and more detail about the past 6 months in regards to diet..we can be much more helpful


    btw: lose the boxes too..stretches the thread too much..lol

  5. Try a 7-oxo DHEA localized transdermal, like Avant's Absolved. Users with 12%+ BF have reported great results. There's tons of info on avant's board.

    Not sure about the specifics of your training. But a 6on, 1off lifting schedule is not conducive to fat loss. It will be difficult to meet your goals while overtraining in a calorie defecit.

  6. its pretty easy to get to around 10% bf without supps or cardio, just takes longer.

  7. Fifteen miles a week? That's not an incredible amount really. I'm assuming on the days that you run, you're running 2-3 miles each time. Up your pace, man. Sweat a little! Try to get your miles under 6:30.


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