Why do I look more ripped when its cold??...

  1. Why do I look more ripped when its cold??...

    My nipples get pointy and my whole body looks ripped...But when its hot their a little puffy and my whole body looks like a smooth mess...Does this have to do with fat or skin or what does anybody know??...

  2. maybe you are fatter in the summer?? leaner in the winter. IDK..im at my leanest in june-july-aug..due to sweating and extra time outdoors for cardio

  3. in the heat, it seems to me, it is so easy to get a pump, taking out trash, whatever you do. anytime that blood flows into a muscle and pumps it up, you lose some of that sharpness and detail. i've also heard in the cold, a greater portion of blood volume is concentrated in the core of the body to help keep vital organs warm and functioning properly, thus the extremities seem nice and ripped up..this is speculation mostly..but think about it, once you get that sick arm pump, the arm looks huge and massive, but less defined..its nice and warm.. when you first get out of bed in the morn. and throw up a bicep pose, the muscle is cold, yet looks real sharp..just my 2 cents..

  4. The capillaries in your skin contract in order to conserve heat. therefore, the skin contracts as well, which makes it tighter.
  5. keeper
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    The human body doesn't process and eliminate fluids from it's tissues as efficiently in warm months as in cold weather. That is most likely contributing to your skin being more cushy in the summertime.

    Try cutting out salt late in the day and double up on drinking water.

  6. You're body is likely retaining water more in the summer. To combat that, you need to drink more water, just like Keeper said!


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