Dark Chocolate and Cutting

  1. Dark Chocolate and Cutting

    In another topic on the forum someone made a comment about how he eats dark chocolate as a treat during his cut, specifically lindt's 90% cocoa bar. I was looking at the nutrient profiles for their bars for 80% and up, and I am noticing that especially the 90% bar has 14g of carbs, 6 coming from fiber for a 40 gram serving. Being on the anabolic diet, my one flaw is the weekend I do indulge on chocolate, as it is my only vice that I crave, so I figure if I can have a piece or two of this chocolate during the week it will ease the cravings. And I could even go to the 99% bar which has no sugar at all, and still 6g of fiber leaving just about 5 grams of carbs I have to account for. Is this legit, it seems perfectly fine, low carbs, good amount of fiber, high fat - perfect for what I am doing. Is this legit or am I just rationalizing something I should not be eating during the week?

  2. i'd love to find this out as well.

  3. just from my own research and searching the last half hour or so, as long as your not using it for significant calories I don't see how it would be bad or detrimental, just as a small treat once or twice a week to keep cravings limited

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