Critique the chop!!!

  1. Talking Critique the chop!!!

    Ok ladies, I've been cutting (androgen free) for about 3 weeks now, down about 10lbs so far. I have a very basic diet plan, and am trying to keep as much LBM as possible. Attached is a typical day (I use

    My cals are around 2500, with a typical breakdown of 40/20/40. I'm not doing keto, rather want to focus on carb control and low GI carbs as much as possible. It's working very well so far with a simple ECY stack and 3 days HIIT cardio. What I'm really interested in is: how many of you have done a similar P/C/F ratio before?

    Any obvious things I'm being a total dumbass about and forgetting? *waits for relentless attacks*

  2. It looks good IMO. I use fitday too. Man that list of foods looks short compared to mine. I'm still in PCT and trying to keep all I can. It looks like your protein is up where it should be, the fat is in a nice place to improve cell permability, and the carbs are low enough that you should be burning right through them.

  3. I too structure my carbs like you do. My carbs come in breakfast (oatmeal), pre-workout (oatmeal ) and PWO (dextrose/malto/oats) and PWO meal (starchy low GI carbs). Everything else is P + F. I'm using NYC and UCP-1 now and am looking to trim about 7lbs from my last two month bulk. Wasn't careless but I had a few too many cheat days in there due to the holidays ...

    Looks good though. I love the 25 servings of pork chops. That's a MAN's meal

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sawastea
    Looks good though. I love the 25 servings of pork chops. That's a MAN's meal
    LOL, yeah that was a little much for one meal, but I had them fresh and my GF wanted to try a new marinade

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