Weekly Carb Cycle

  1. Weekly Carb Cycle

    I have just begun a carb cycling diet where i run 4 back to back low carb days (30-60g carbs) where i consume approx 1/2 my maintenance calories. This is followed by 3 carb days where I eat according to my maintenance calorie intake level.
    I weigh 170 so I burn approx 2100 a day plus 400-600 from working out and cardio. On my low carb days I burn ~2750 and so I get all my calories from mostly protein and fats which totals 1300-1400 calories a day.

    Basically this is a 4 low carb then 3 high carb day cycle.
    Weekly I will run a deficit of 5000 calories.

    My concern is..
    Are the 4 low carb days going to throw into a steep catabolic state?

  2. i like this idea. maybe don't half your calories but a mega deficit for 3 days isn't that catabolic as long as you have good frequency of meals and protein/fat intake which it sounds like you do.

    i am doing something similar but not as extreme. im doing a deficit of probably 600 calories, then once a week i'm gonna do a higher carb/kcal day.

  3. Thanks for the input!
    Yea i have about 5-6 meals if you count post workout protein as a meal.
    I am still playing around with some foods to try and get more protein with less carbs. My Worlwide Pure Protein bars have too many carbs to be a good snack anymore but Doctors carbrite bars and optimum nutritions diet bars all have close to zero carbs with. Beef jerky has 3g carbs so its a borderline food for me to consider.
    Today consisted of:
    Meal 1: 3/4 cup egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled, 1.5 patties sausage.

    Meal 2. 1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese, 3oz carrots

    Meal 3. 10oz chicken beast, 1 cup mixed steamed green beans

    Meal 4. Protein bar (280 cal, 16 carbs, 32g protein)

    Meal 5. 30g postworkout whey protein

    Meal 6. 4oz chicken cuts in 1 cup lettuce

    On carb days i can substitute the breakfast sausage with oatmeal and the fibrous veggies with mashed sweet potatos.

    On a sad note I have noticed all of my pre-workout drinks had too many carbs such as superpump, supercharge xtreme and nano vapor so im sticking with caffeine anhydrous and l-arginine and creatine capsules.

  4. another thing you can add is walnuts and natural peanut butter to your diet. personally, i make my last two meals of the day protein and walnuts ( for the omega 3s ) or peanut butter to get all of the Essential fatty acids, as well as get to bed with nice low blood sugar for better HGH release. but you can add them in the day at any time ( as long as not with simple carbs ),

  5. As far as EFA's go, I use Animal Omega so i know im not lacking in that area. I take animal Pak with breakfast as well. Ill use the natty PB on my carb days because i like to add it into some oatmeal.



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