what is all this talk about no carbs when taking yohimbine?

  1. what is all this talk about no carbs when taking yohimbine?

    i know the leviathan reloaded directions say take your first dose 30minutes before breakfast, and the second dose an hour or before your afternoon meal, is that what everyone is talking about?

    or was everyone talking about being on CKD for the yohimbine to be effective?

  2. It's the insulin spike that you want to avoid from the large carb meal which will affect the efficacy of Yohimbine. CKD not req'd.

  3. i usually do carb + protein meals ( no/low sugars generally ) for my first 3 or 4 meals, then my last two of the day, protein shake + peanut butter or walnuts.

    with this diet would i be getting the most effect from the leviathan?

  4. As long as you give it 30-45 minutes before a meal, you should be getting pretty good effectiveness out of the product.

  5. so the Y is only affected by carbs at the initial dosing, not while it is in your body.



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