Super Fat Burning Stack!!! any mistakes?

  1. Super Fat Burning Stack!!! any mistakes?

    So with the help of Maxximals post of top 10 thermos i decided to design a no neg side effects, super fat burning stack. Im not well versed in dropping weight while hitting a strength routine.

    See if im making any mistakes, your input is would be greatly appreciated.

    Primaforce Caffeine pills: 1 pill 200mg in upon waking

    Green tea extract: 3 times a day before meals 500 mg

    Forskolin: 2 times a day before meals 40 mg

    L-carnitine- 1000mg before breakfast, pre and post lift

    And thinking of a little synephrine HCL: 30mg 2x a day before meals

    Im think i can maybe go without the synephrine but if it will give me that extra kick then hey why leave it out?

    OH yeah im also on a low carb, higher fat diet while keeping protein around 300-400. Fat will fluctuate anywhere from 50g-200g. Carbs stay at around 30-50g for 6 days with one day of carb spike.

  2. try cla,sesamin, and TTA

  3. i already take cla as a staple along with fish oils. what is TTA?

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