Dieting/Contest Prep Suggested Books

  1. Dieting/Contest Prep Suggested Books

    I initially wanted to get feedback on "Better Than Steriods" by Dr. Warren Willey for those who have this book and applied the principles. However for those would like to, please add your suggesting readings on dieting fundamentals and contest prep for beginners and novices.

    My goal is to acquire a better understanding of the what, when, hows of dieting. I have the basic knowledge about complex, simple, carbs and glycemic index of certain foods. Also various protein sources and post workout meals etc. Another thing that I'm looking for is knowledge on when and how to make the necessary changes in diet and activity level with respect to weight training and cardio so there is a balance which creates an environment for either fat loss and/or muscle gain.

    Thanks gents


    You cab download these for free. Some of the best dieting advice around!!

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