keto headaches

  1. keto headaches

    Following a keto diet and gettign headaches!

    What does this mean?

    I cant get the sticks to show ketosis either and usually keto works great for me.

    Could my calorie deficiency be too high?

  2. Headaches can be caused by almost anything! Often when in keto I get headaches, Once when I was telling my dad about them and why I thought I got them (from keto)... and because he has type II diabetes he made me use his glucose meter. I scored a 71 two hours after a meal, this is supposedly when your insulin is the highest. a 71 is ultra low, evidently. he showed my a phamlet about low blood glucose, and the side effects.

    Anyways if you didn't care about my little story. your headaches are probably caused from your blood glucose being rather low...but since you are in keto you WANT low bloodsugar. so live with the headaches if you want keto.

    Sometimes It helps me if I take a couple grams of luciene. But you need to know at the same time, if you take much much, it can throw you out of keto.

    hope this helped.

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