1. CKD

    Im sorry if this is a really stupid question but im having a hard time finding a CKD diet plan. But im under the impression that you basically cut out all carbs and then once a week you have a high carb meal. Looking for a little info.
    Also im currently taking Arson and CLA and i just want to be sure that there wont be any negative effects from combing them with the diet.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  2. basically you want to eat no carbs, and more fats than protein. What you want to do to find out your daily macros. first off find out what your total daily caloric needs:

    go here:

    Then take that number and multiply it by your activity level here.

    then you will have what you need every to eat every day to stay exactly where you are. now if you cut that by 500kcals a day everyday you will lose one pound a week. cut it by 1000kcals everyday burns 2lbs of fat a week.

    now that you know your TDCN to find out how much protein you need take your lean body mass (LBM) and multiply that times 1.2-2.0 depending on how much you think you need. the number you get is the daily amount in grams of protein you should eat.

    multiple that number by four and that is how many calories you get a day from protein.


    my TDCN is 2500 calories, and I want to lose one pound a week, so EVERYDAY i need to eat no more than 2000kcals. I have an ibm of 221 lbs and I don't need alot of protein( bs! but whatever) 221 x 1.2 = 265g of protein needed a day 265 x 4 (calories per gram of protein) = 1060 calories from protein.

    so to find out how much fat you need subtract 1060 (kcals from protein) from the calories you want to eat every day 2000= 940 kcal you need every day from fat. fats have 9kcals per gram so 940/9 = 105g of fat a day.

    so everyday you are in keto you need to eat, if you were this person,

    105g of fats
    265g of protein
    and less than 30g of carbs.

    now ckd is basically two phases, keto....where you don't eat any carbs. and then your, forget the technical term... but when you eat lots of carbs. you do that once a week for at least 24 hours. on these days you would keep your protein intake about the same and then switch the fats, and carbs. so a little fat and lots and lots of carbs.

    this was real brief, and most definitely the most thorough but its a good introduction for you. search the weight loss forum there are massive amounts of ckd info on there.

    do some research! and good luck!

  3. oh and by the way...getting into keto is a bit*h, you might get headaches be tired, and sore.... there are a thousand different feelings you will get just suffer through it and stay motivated.

    they aren't 100% accurate but if you want to know if you are in keto yet go to a cvs or walgreens and buy some ketostix which are in the diabetic section. piss on the stick and if it changes color you've successfully entered keto...

  4. Thanks i really appreciate.

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