male 6'6 295lbs
    body fat mass- 68.2 lbs
    muscle mass 132.7lbs
    dry lean mass 62 lbs
    body fat mass 68.2 lbs
    BMI 34.2
    Body Fat % 23
    basic metabolic rate- 2605

    I dont care how much I weigh, I am just trying to get my BF % to about 8-11%.
    I know I have to do cardio, diet, weights. I have already lost 25lbs. I am just trying to figure out a plan so that I can maximize results instead of just getting stuck at a plateau

  2. why? if you dont care what you weigh, then just start on a path and use the mirror to decide where to go next. Trying to get so technical with the #s is just recipe for disappointment.

  3. well to get my bodyfat that low should I try to pack on alot of muscle or shed alot of fat and get really lean?

  4. get lean first. you'll have some ability to add muscle, but its not easy without also adding fat. So get lean, then you can afford to add mass if you want and wont gain as much fat when you are gaining muscle. It has to do with things like amount of aromatase that turns testosterone to estrogen and insulin sensitivity which are higher when your bodyfat is higher.

  5. How long did it take you to lose 25 pounds aalready? What did you do to accomplish that? Why can't you just keep at it, nothing fancy. You still have about 50-75 pounds to go, so it won't be overnight. Just stay steady

  6. I just changed my diet up and started doing some cardio(swim,run,bball) Now, I am kinda stuck. Also, I am losing weight but I think I am losing muscle too... So I dont know how to eat to lose weight but keep muscle or build it

  7. well, what makes you think you are loosing muscle? Its harder to do than you'd think. post some more details about your diet, and workout related, that will help. basically at your size, so long as you are getting over 150-180g of protein a day, thats probably plenty

  8. diet goes like this

    5am-oats/tbspn of natural peanut butter
    7am- cottage cheese/fruit
    8am- lift
    9am-25g protein shake/bar
    11-can of chicken breast
    2- can of chicken breast/tuna
    5- green veggie with lean meat
    basketball for 1-2 hours
    protein shake/bar before bed

  9. so the oats are the only carbs for the day? and the tablespoon of pb the only fat?

  10. cottage cheese has a little fat in it, also the chicken/fish has a little, and the friut has carbs and veggies at night do as well....should I be eating differently?

  11. Well, lets try this. for a couple days use to track amounts of food too. it might be a pain to measure or weigh, but you need to get a firm handle on amounts too. A HUGE caloric difference in 20g of peanut butter vs 80g. Overall though, it seems like you are eating pretty light, so if this is what you've been eating like to drop the first 25lbs, it may be that its time for a bit of a change to keep things going

  12. so are you saying eat lighter than I am now or eat differently

  13. i'm saying lets get a solid baseline of actual amounts and specific caloric amounts, and go from there likely eating different though


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