Quick Question on Supplement

  1. Quick Question on Supplement

    Alright so i'm trying to lose that last couple pounds of fat in order to get to my ideal weight and body fat %. I was thinking about taking CLA, green tea extract, and a cortisol blocker. Would you recomend this, or would you recomend something else, I am also trying to stay away from fat burners due to the fact that I am trying to preserve every bit of muscle I have put on.

  2. HIIT is a great option for losing fat. Most fat burners won't make you lose muscle. Some may decrease your appetite and if you aren't eating enough, due to that, you may not retain muscle.

  3. Thanks for the help

  4. coffee and adding spices to your food are considered good and natural ways of increasing metabolism. you can try that in addition.

  5. is there a targeted area your looking at losing the fat or just over all fat loss on your body?
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  6. X-Lean will be a good choice for a Cortisol blocker when it comes out
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