Having some trouble.

  1. Having some trouble.

    I really just started working out about a months time ago and am trying to get a nice beach body. Right now I am 175lbs and 5.9 tall. I am taking creantine,nitric oxide, and whey protein and may start test xtreme (a test booster) I also have been eating good I belive. I drink a protein shake with 35grams of protein in the morning and also try to eat two eggs scrambled. Then for lunch i eat about 6oz of chicken grilled with another protein shake. The for dinner it is usally chicken,steak,sausage, and green beans or some type of vegitble. I drink alot of water everyday to abotu a gallon. My work out rountine is mon,wed,friday is my upper half of my body. Chest,shoulders,bi's,tri's,lat s. Then on tues and thursday. I do abs and legs with some cardio. My question is i AM TRYING to get a really nice set of abs by the end of june early july. Right now you can not see my abs and that is where most of my fat is at this time over my abs and love handles. Do you guys have any great ideas to get rid of belly fat quick and get that six pack all the girls love.

  2. Stay away from test extreme. Or any other prohormones for that matter. What you beleive to be a good diet might not really be good enough to get what you want. Your diet needs a bit of work. You need to find out what your maintenance calories are. How many calories to eat and maintain the same body weight. Then subtract 500 from that, to give you a starting point on how many calories to consume daily. You will want 175-250 grams of protein=1-1.5grams per pound of bodyweight. Protein has 4 calories per gram so multiply your grams of protein times 4 to get calories from protein. 175 grams of protein = 700 calories. Subtract 700 from you calorie goal, to give you remaining allowed calories. Start with 405 of those carbs and 20% in fat. You want to divide it all up in 5-6 meals, spaced every 3 hours or so. Not just 3 big meals a day. z

    Get your diet right, and cardio with weight training, and you will get to your goal.

    Come up with a new diet plan with specifics and post it and get some more feedback. Don't be afraid of the "search" button.

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