T3 dosing question

  1. T3 dosing question

    I just got some T3 in 100ug tabs. Its scored so I can easily break to 50ug. My concern is that if I attempt to cut it into quarters I'm going to get inconsistent cuts and not have 25ug for the daily dosing.

    Would it be better to do 50ug EOD to start or just try cutting and hope for the best?

    I doubt there is any good way I can get it into 1/8th so 12.5ug is out of the question. That makes the ramp up/down a little ugly as well.

    And thoughts/suggestions would be great.

  2. Dont you have a pill cutter?

    Mine positions the pill in such a way that the cut is basically always equal. Had the same little cutter for years.

    Ramp down is important imo, i run the stuff many times 3 years back and it was in 50mcg (pink) then.

    But yeah 12.5mcg from 100mcg tabs is going to be a bitch, i think my little blueboy could handle it tho lol.

  3. My cutter is ****ty. I guess its time to upgrade.

    Thanks for the tip.

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