T3/Clen question

  1. T3/Clen question


    I'm thinking to start bodybuilding and I'm little concerned about my BF 23% (my weight is 150lbs), so I was thinking I should lower my BF at least to 20% before I start bodybuilding.

    I'm thinking 3 weeks of t3/clen cycle with 1200 calories diet (40% protein, 30%,30%) and a 1 hour walk 5 days a week.


    25 /25 /25 /50 /50 /50 /75 /75 /75 /100 /100 /100 /75 /75 /75 /50 /50 /50 /25 /25 /25

    I'm concerned about T3 effects so I was thinking maybe I should do it for 2 weeks only.

    Please review, is it good plan ?



  2. That was extremely helpful reply, thanks.

  3. You don't jump into these chemicals when you are just starting out. Learn how to swim before you dive into the ocean. You're going to mess yourself up.

    You're not lifting weights or running/jogging, you plan on losing weight by walking 1 hour per day and taking harsh chemicals? Come on man....use your brain!!

  4. I used to do HIIT. Been in EC too. I used to do bodybuilding while ago and built good muscles but stopped because I was frustrated of the fat covering muscles. So I started in three weeks of EC and now I want to go switch to T3/Clen.

    My idea of 1 hour walking because I was worried that doing high cardio while in T3/Clen will increase side effects like blood pressure.

    I'm not totally new in weight loss, I used to weigh 220 lbs and dropped to 150lbs. It's just that it became so hard to lose weight more in regular diet.

  5. Clen is brutal in comparison to EC, and thyroid meds are nothing to play with. I still think you shouldn't go this route.

    Anyhow, good luck with the walking!!

  6. How the hell are you 23% bodyfat at 150lbs? Unless your a really short female..
    In my opinion drop the t3 and just take the clen, u should lose a nice amount of weight with good diet and cardio everyday.

  7. Ok thanks.

    Anyhow, good luck with the walking!!
    I'm not sure if you're being troll or honest. But if you were sarcastic all I can say thanks, if you had a better idea than walking you could've said something like "cardio won't induce more danger with T3/Clen, i suggest you do more cardio...".. Anyway, trying to be smart with small replies and sarcastic comments on new members is the best way to be an ass, thanks anyway you know how to turn off new exited members.
    If you're being honest, thanks but you weren't so helpful.

  8. mmzawa, I measured it using a device I'm not sure if it's so accurate. I'm 5'8". Anyway, I have a bad metabolism and big layer of fat in abdominal area and love handles.

    EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll do only Clen and see how it goes with cardio diet. Thank you I was nearly frustrated from this forum until you replied

  9. Clen can be used safely, but i wouldnt ever even consider t3, as it could cause thyroid issues now or in the future, that is a serious possbility. Albuterol is far safer than clen, and if dosed properly just as effective, add in some a-yhombine, and geranium extract, and forskholin, to release fat from fat stores, the cAMP affect, that would be far safer, and you could always add l-tyrosine, iodine, copper and guggul extract to upregulate the thyroids activity, without causing it to either shutdown, or become overly active.
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  10. How about posting up what kind of exercise plan and diet plan you are on. You are a new member which is cool. At 5'8", 150lbs, you can't be but so big, not trying to offend. You said you went from 220 down to 150 which is awesome. How did you go about doing it? You said you did bodybuilding a while ago, but stopped since you still had some fat. Well, you should continue to lift weights. Even when trying to lose fat.
    Give us some details about your background, age, experience in training, current diet and training regimen, and be specific. This way, we can get a better overall picture of your situation and give better recommendations. I don't agree with recommending chemicals to someone without some knowledge of background and history. You might be surprised what some tweaking with diet and workout can do, before ever resorting to chemical assistance. You obviously are concerned with possible dangerous side effects of drugs, so make sure everything else you are doing is spot on. There are plenty of people here that give good genuine advice, be willing to give specifics and listen with an open mind.

    Welcome to the board!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by moonycat View Post
    I have a bad metabolism

    Rest assured, when you are done with clen and t3, your metabolism will be worse, and rebound weight gain will be staring you in the face. Just saying.

    Also, you want to 'walk' with the excercise and 'run' with the harsh chems. This mindset is pretty ridiculous, so I'm sorry if I am being blunt with you. You will have better more sustainable results if you work hard and then maybe slowly add supplements/chems, but slowly into the mix, assess your tolerance and maybe also deal with the issues beforehand that are causing you to have a slow metabolism in the first place! You are looking for a quick solution to a deeper problem imo.


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