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    I have been taking masterone and am on an ECA stack i am try to cut as much fat in my belly area and bulk every where else so i have been spacing out my workouts so they mainly consist of cardio 45 mins. i have been doing this for three weeks and i cant say im thrilled with the results. if anyone can help me i would appriciate it. i have also change my diet to tuna and chicken on the forman. mostly protien.


  2. I'm not made of win nearly as much as the other guys on here, but I'll try to help out, lol.

    I really dunno what masterone is, but I know the ECA is effective(minus the headaches that may be had). It sounds like you want to recomp, but, you really can't get rid of fat in ONE area, and then gain wherever else. The best way to get rid of the belly/lovehandles is just a clean diet, cardio, and a lot of patience and hard work. From what I've seen, 80% of the time the only way to really fix it is just lowering your BF%.

    How tall/what weight are you, and what BF%? What type of cardio for 45? Incline? Only doing cardio and no weights will help you shed body fat, but you won't be putting on much muscle(compared to lifting at the same time), and may actually lose some(if you overdo it).

    Well, I just noticed you have your stats in your profile, lol. What is your BF though? Have you calculated how many cals a day you would need for maintenance? Are you doing macros, or just cals? Is your diet in check?

    Your diet is a MASSIVE part of weight loss, so you really want to have it in check(NEED to) before you begin any supplements, they will just waste your money without a diet. They're only supplements(help), the diet is the main thing. After diet comes your routine, how much you lift, when, how long, cardio, etc...

    Sorry for all the questions in response to your question ^_^ But if you could answer (most of) those, it should be a lot easier to help you out

  3. Weight lifting is definitely going to be more effective than cardio! I would suggest that you weight lift 3-4 days a week, doing full body routines each session. Some great compound lifts are: Squats, deadlifts, pull ups, chin ups, dips, clean and press, rows, lunges, step ups. Incorporating heavy compound movements into your routine is going to help you out a ton with fat loss, because they require so many different muscles to work. One lifting session shouldn't take long, 45 minutes is fine. Avoid lifting for over an hour.

    ^^^This kind of routine will burn your fat off nicely, but if you would like to speed up the process adding HIIT is the best type of cardio to do. It only takes 15-20 minutes, and adding it to your off days of lifting will make a big difference.

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