Keto diet Question

  1. Keto diet Question

    Wanted to try going on a keto diet and was wondering how many calories should a 170 pound guy be consuming while on the diet and while in a cutting phase.

  2. Mmmm, what is your BF right now? And your goal? Are you lifting/cardio as well? How tall are you?

    Figure all that out, and use the Basal Metabolic Rate calc, then check your activity level, and do 300-500 cals below maint. The calc/formulas aren't going to be very accurate for everyone(face it, we're ALL dif >_<) so it should prob just be used to give you an area of where to start. The best way would be check how many cals you eat per day for a week(while maintaining) then do 300-500 cals below that. You can safely lose I believe up to 2 lbs of pure fat per week, any more is going to be cutting muscle as well. (someone correct me if I'm wrong please)

    After all that is figured, the homiez at AM can help with your diet/routine

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