Body Fat Caliper question

  1. Body Fat Caliper question

    I have two body fat calipers one is the plastic accu-measure one and the other is a digital fatTrack II. The problem is they both give way different results. Using the same formula the plastic one gives me a body fat percentage of 12% the digital gives me a 9%

    Variations being
    Plastic vs Digital
    Chest 9mm vs 6mm
    Abs 22mm vs 16mm
    thigh 12mm vs 12mm (odd)

    So which one is more accurate? the digital takes a lot more pressure to do the read out.

  2. There is much difference between 12% and 9%. I think that you can rely on mirror or just post a picture here =)

  3. Unfortunately i can't post pics here but i uploaded one to my profile can you view that?

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