HELP, got to get in shape

  1. HELP, got to get in shape

    Iam 39 years old, have been lifting off and on sence high school. I have taken many supplements over the years so good some bad. I have never had any side effects from taken something. I gotten into try some of the new PH stuff out(m-drol loved it, h-drol its was ok). What iam getting to is that iam going to run a cycle of epistan/m-drol later in the summer, but i have realy let my self go.(because of job, family, and stress of life) i have gained to much fat. I need some thing that is realy going to help me get the fat off. I just realy need some help with what products realy work.
    Iam 39 years old, 6 feet tall, i weigh about 250, body fat % is about 25%.
    I have a good deit plan to use, and the workouts are ready to start.
    I need a kick start .

  2. the best thing you can do for losing weight is keeping your diet in check. a supp would just compliment that. A bad diet will give you bad results, no way around that. If you don't know what a keto diet is then look into that. I am coming off of one and was pleased w/ the results i got from it. A big thing with diet too is the best diet is one you can stick to. A diet won't do anything if you fall off of it often. So just keep that in mind.

    If your diet is in check and you still want to add a supp to help out then there are few things you could try. Personally though, EC works great for me and is one of the cheapest options. USP(powder) just released a product (came on nutra last night) called Vat attack which looks to have some promise by reducing cortisol levels and is a decent priced product too (may sell out quick). I havent tried it, but i have heard good things about slim extreme as well.

    Again tho, big thing is just keeping the diet in check. Make sure you drink alot of water, at least a gallon a day id say. Sleep is a big thing too so make sure you get enough of it. In the gym you should try to focus around compound lifts too. Id say try to avoid doing alot of isolation movements. It doesnt hurt to add some cardio into your routine as well. Fasted morning cardio is good, HIIT is great, jump roping, supersets/circuits can be good, etc.

    Best of luck too you as well

  3. I'm using SX, and it is great for mood/app suppression/energy, not been on in long enough to comment on the fat loss.
    And like he said, diet is a MASSIVE part of losing the weight. After that is in check, your weight training is the other big part of fat loss/muscle building. After those 2 are in check, and only then, are the supps really going to come in and give an extra punch. Otherwise, you are just going to waste money and time on them

    Diet in check first
    Training in check
    Supplements come into play(can, not at all required)

    For a kickstart, just look at old pics, and/or make some smallish goals for yourself. Like, 1 inch in the waste, then 3, then etc... Or, fitting into x pants loosely, then x pants tight, then those same x pants loose, etc...

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