fat around nipples

  1. fat around nipples

    i have never taken a pro hormone or steroids...over the last 3 months my pecs have shaped up nicely, but i still have some extra fat right around my nipple area...can anyone recommend a workout that could eliminate that? i thought maybe doing more flat chest exercises but thats about all i could come up with...i'm currently on a cut now that just started less than a week ago so that might be able to help out....any kind of help is appreciated

  2. I've heard decline bench press helps.


  3. Doing decline bench will shape the lower pec possibly making it look better but in order to lose that fat you have to keep your diet clean. There are no workouts you can do to spot reduce fat. Just watch what you eat and continue to work out your chest from all angles.

  4. At 127lbs are you sure you want to cut? Also at that weight I wouldn't bother with trying to target, you just need larger pecs full stop.

  5. If you want to shape your Pecs you actually need to gain muscle everywhere. Eating more healthy fats, carbs and lean proteins will help you gain some good mass. I would suggest you gain more muscle before cutting, otherwise you won't have a lot of muscle to show off (with you being only 127 lbs). Having more muscle will help you drop fat anyway. Doing compound movements will help you out a lot as well, dips are a great movement for hitting your chest as well as your triceps.

  6. i don't weigh 127lbs anymore,that was about a year ago, i just forgot how to change it...i currently weigh 142lbs and last week weighed in at 148lbs, i don't know if that scale was correct though, but no more 127 lbs

  7. Yep, as above, diet is the key here and bigger pecs. My pecs dont start looking really good until I get to around 10%BF or less.

    I do love decline bench. Bring it down to around your collar bone before the press.
    Also, standing cable flyes for me. SLOW and stretched back, being careful of the shoulders. Then contract without leaning forward, just using the pecs to flex and bring the handles down toward your lower abs. Really hits the outer and lower pecs and seems to widen the pecs well.

    But again, clean diet is the real thing for this area to have that squared off muscular look, and some mass...

    Good luck, Bro!


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