Hoping for some outside advice

  1. Hoping for some outside advice

    So this is my second serious cutting cycle, last summer i just ended it despite getting rid of the rest of visceral fat, which has been my only problem I just cannot seem to get rid of it I get to a point where I seem to stop making progress. So this time I have been on the AD since March 27th and started making great gains but now recently I have seem to hit another wall where I feel like I am not making progress. I am about 5'9 or 5'10 and I do not have a scale but i have been hovering arond 158-160 for about 2 weeks now. This is my daily diet on the set of 5 low carb days as of now:

    1) 6 egg whites, or 4 egg whites with 2 whole eggs depending on if I eat steak that day
    2) 6-7 oz chicken breast
    100 g Broccoli
    3) 2 scoops ATW Protein
    1 scoop GNC fiber
    4) 6-7 oz chicken breast or 4 oz steak (usually bottom round)
    100 g broccoli
    5) 2 Scoop AWT Protein or another meal like 2.
    6) 2 Scoops ATW Protein

    Is there something wrong with my diet or do I need to tweak something anywhere in my routines, I have gotten pretty frustrated but I want this to be the final cutting cycle where I shred the rest of that visceral and oblique fat.

  2. and also as a side note i forgot to add I just finished a cycle of LX/DCP/LR and in about another week I am starting a cycle of SX/LX.

  3. How many total calories are you consumimg? Shouldn't your fat intake be a bit higher? You are on really low carbs, and it looks like the only fat you get is from 2 eggs, or 4oz of steak, plus the trace amount in chicken and possibly protein. I don't know the macros for ATW. That's probabaly less than 30g of fat on the high side. If you have been on the same amount since you have started, you might have to bump them up for a couple days to restoke the fire. A buddy that does BB comps, is short, he usually bulks too much up to about 200, and I've seen him weigh in at 149, in 12-14 weeks. He was doing basiclly a CKD, just carbing on weekends. He says around the 5 or 6 week, things slow down, and he will eat a large pizza on the weekend, by himself. It usuall jolts his system out of starvation mode, and starts burning again. I'm not advocating a large pizza necessarily, but advocating the concept. Others will probably have additional tips.

  4. i agree with your healthy fat intake needing to be higher. additionally, you can throw in some fasted cardio (upon waking up pre breakfast). i'm really not sure why you want to be sub 160 at 5'9" though.

    to some degree, your body has a minimum weight it wants to keep, and you may find recomping (mild fat loss with mild muscle gains) easier for you.

  5. sounds like we're in a similar situation. i agree i think you need a little more good fats, but it could also be in your training, i personally like to do a low intensity cardio which burns fat not muscle. also throw in some HIIT Training if you haven't tried that.

    I've done this and im perfectly flat all around, my abs arent showing cause i have some more to burn, still trying to figure out myself how to lose that last bit of belly fat to show the abs.

  6. i try to take it about 1900-2100 calories a day, I was recently adding in more things like cheese to try and bump up my fat intake a little bit on the 5 day span because I felt like fat levels were suppose to be kinda low so your body burns more like the diet is suppose to get it to do, but like you said it was too low. On the cardio side I do sprints for HIIT training and just do some low impact jogging outside. My main issue is I do not have much fat anywhere on my body just the oblique and visceral. In general I wanted to lean up a bit because despite not having much fat else well on my body I do not neccesarily show many cuts either.


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