Basics of losing fat or gaing muscle

  1. Basics of losing fat or gaing muscle

    Diet- This is for people at the beggining of starting their goal. Everyone gets way to caught up in the latest fitness/ nutrition science when you forget about the basics so if you starting your journey do the following untill you reach a plateu or even your goal. When a plateu happens than look into a special diet like keto or carb cycle.

    All natural whole food, just make sure you get plenty of protien.
    Try for 4-6 meals with all having natural healthy food and protien.
    Drink plenty of water! especially if your trying to lose fat because your body needs the water for disposal of the fat.
    Trying to gain weight? eat a lot
    Trying to lose weight? eat below maintnance calories (no more than 700cals)

    Everyone whos starting good luck and work hard!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by rrm View Post
    Trying to gain weight? eat a lot.
    You should edit that too "Eat a lot, but make sure it's clean. I.e. eat a ton of quality food, not like a ton of BK and Domino's.
    Quote Originally Posted by rrm View Post
    Trying to lose weight? eat below maintenance calories (no more than 700cals
    Huh? Eat no more than 700 calories? What is that in reference too. I know what Maint Calories are, but are you suggesting someone eat ~700 calories?


  3. I think he meant no more than 700 below maintenance , not 700 total.

  4. rrm was just saying that if your maintenance calories are around 2500, don't go more than 700 calories below that mark. So in this case you wouldn't go below 1800 calories

  5. Ah, cool, I figured there was something more there, just not enough info.




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