About to start CKD, couple of ?'s

  1. Question About to start CKD, couple of ?'s

    Hey guys. Been reading up a little on CKD, and from lurking here, it seems this is the best way to drop fat without losing too much muscle. atm I'm at about 210 at 6'1", and probably around 20-25% bf. Looking to get down around 190ish, and about 15%bf to start off.

    I've been on a lower carb diet for a month or 2 now, with a sort of cheat day on Sat's. (Either some ice cream, or pancakes).

    I usually cant sit around on weekends, and HAVE to hit the gym Sat and Sun. I normally skip the gym on Monday's since its usually packed, and I prefer to sleep in to start the week.

    I'm just not really sure where/when to start. Should I workout as I normally do this weekend, carb load on Monday, and start working out/getting into keto on Tuesday, or not load a all, but stil start Tues? I planned on carb loading Sunday afternoon into Monday instead of the weekends, but I'm unsure where to begin this adventure.

  2. Well, I know it's a bit late, but I'll try to help some.

    What did you end up doing? Are you doing the CKD now?

    If you started around when you posted, you're probably close to being out of the 2 weeks of hell that comes first ^_^

    There is a master CKD thread around here somewhere, if I can find it I'll come back and edit this for ya, it answers a LOT of questions that confuse people about the CKD

  3. You should go the first week at least without a carb load. Then carb load on the day that you aren't going to be working out on.

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