early morning gym session.. pre wo meal

  1. early morning gym session.. pre wo meal

    personal rant: due to my gym being over-crowded in the evenings, I have to change my time to the mornings prior to work.. I start work at 8:30 am so I have to make my session around 6:15am - 7:15am and then shower etc. and drive to work....

    Anyway, what's a good pre WO meal for the morning?... I plan to eat at 5:15am (1 hour prior to training). I'm looking for something light and easily digestable. But at the same time it's something which stops morning hunger, puts me out of the cortisol zone and gives me enough energy for workout...


  2. i typically take my pre wo shake with a scoop of protein and 2 scoops of ground oats then head out to the gym do my warm up and I'm ready to hit the weights

  3. I see.
    Is it Whey protein that you use or casein or ... ?
    and do you mix all those with milk?

  4. whenever i workout in the AM i always like to have a whey protein shake with some waxy maize quick carbs and a banana or apple. if i dont feel like having any fruit then i will replace it with a whole wheat/whole grain peanut butter sandwich. ill eat this about an hr before i work out and depending on whether i have a pre workout supp. drink of some sort then ill sip on some BCAAs during my workout. all this together usually gives me enough energy for a solid workout and even some cardio afterwards.

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