anyone have experience with hydration scales?

  1. anyone have experience with hydration scales?

    There are these scales that not only do bodyfat % (horribly inaccurate), but also hydration. Though I have no clue how accurate it is.

    I figured this would be an excellent tool for me to use when I'm bulking or cutting. Sometimes water retention may look like fat gain (as well as weight gain), so knowing how much water i'm holding will give me a better idea if i'm spilling over too much on my diet when bulking. In the other regard, if I'm cutting and the scale is not moving, perhaps I ate more salt and I"m retaining water, but still actually losing fat...

    anyone know if this is accurate at all?

  2. I wouldn't take too much notice of them. Mine have been telling me I'm >10% dehydrated which would be quite serious.

    They did say 58.6% hydrated when I bought them but I can't get that reading again, maybe the resistance of my feet changed or something.

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