first time cut

  1. first time cut

    ok.. this is my first cut.. ever.. i'm an ecto..

    i'm at 200 right now.. do u think i could get to 185 at about 10%bf?

    i believe i'm about 16% right now.. this was taken after two meals.. so pretty bloated and bad pic quality..

    If i'm right on my guess.. i'm holding 32 lbs of fat.. and if i was to shed 16 i'd be at 8%.. so i figure if i cut off 15.. some will be muscle and put me around 10..

    do i sound off?
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  2. you can do it. post your current diet, and don't leave anything out. if you eat a pizza everynight put it up here. let's take a look. please do not post..."i eat chicken, lean beef...etc." that does not help, i eat that too, but if i eat 12 chicken breasts i'm going gain fat due to a surplus of cals. post what, post when and how much you eat. it's gonna take you a minute to do that, but be as accurate as you can. also list when you train, and what you do to train e.g. lift (on what days? how long?)

  3. Good Luck bro.

    Lets see what your split looks like too!

    Stay moto

  4. well first of all.. i'm gonna have to completely redo my diet.. at the end of the bulk i was just eating whatever was going to taste decent cause i was so tired of eating.. so the first week or so will be a week of readjusting

    as for my workout.. here's a rough sketch.. i'm out in under an hour
    i'm not posting warmup sets..

    monday- legs.. cant do squats.. injury

    leg press wide stance-3 sets
    leg press NARROW- 3 sets
    leg extentions- 4 sets
    leg curls- 3 sets

    tuesday- chest and tris
    incline 3 sets
    flat 3 sets
    dips or decline- 3 sets
    flys- 4 sets
    tris- 6 sets

    wednesday- skip

    thursday- back

    deadlifts- 3 sets.. (many warmup sets b4 hand)
    bent over barbell rows
    seated rows.. narrow grip
    bis- 6 sets

    friday- shoulders
    DB press- 3 sets
    side laterals- 3 sets
    front laterals (if shoulder feels good) 3 sets
    rear deltoid work- 3-6 sets
    shrugs- 4 sets

    will have to start abs now.. ugh

  5. past few weeks i haven't really been trying to gain weight.. pretty burned out
    here is a typical day.. i came home for the week (in college) and forgot my weight gainer shake so i cant tell u the exact nutrional value

    meal 1- weight gainer shake.. roughly 1100 calories
    meal 2- can of tuna, two pieces of bread, 16 ounces 2% milk
    meal 3- some sort of pasta and either 2 tilapia fillets or large chicken breast, 16 ounces of 2% milk
    meal 4- can of tuna, two piece of bread, 16 ounces 2% milk
    meal 5- same as meal 3
    meal 6- either chicken breast strips.. (3),, a piece of bread and 16 ounces 2% milk,,,, or PB sandwhich- and 16 ounces of 2% milk

    i'm in college.. so things vary.. but i'm out for the summer and only taking one class in june so i can be more strict



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