Cardio or Weightlifting after CKD Carb-up

  1. Cardio or Weightlifting after CKD Carb-up

    Since one of the main points of the Carb-up is to refill glycogen stores in order to perform better in the gym that week, would it be bad if after my carb-up I play an hour of basketball and then later that night I lift. My thinking is that I will burn through precious glycogen stores during basketball that I should have saved to use during my gym session. Is this true or should it be no problem?

  2. Ugh, another question I'm like almost 3 weeks late on >_<

    Most people start their carb-up, then do only lifting. Cardio actually doesn't burn as much glyc as lifting, so it may be better to simply do cardio, then some lifting, but not a full routine.

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